It’s hard to eat well as a vegetarian travelling in Paris.  Many bistros will serve you a fine quiche during lunch, and you can find light fare in take-out (emporter) shops like sandwiches and salads.  But come night time, or when you have a date… it’s a different story.  Especially if you want to have a classic Paris experience, like the one you’ve always dreamed of, the stuff that movies are made of.

After my first visit to Paris, I learned my lesson.  Eat when I can, and because I walk almost everywhere, it’s ok to bulk up on protein from egg based or almond based desserts.  Also, before I stepped on a plane another time, I did my research.  And so each time I go (I know, lucky lamb) I love Paris more and more.

Where else can you walk down the street and encounter endless boulangerie and patisseries? Where else can you buy perfect French baguettes in every street corner, for barely some coins from your pocket?

Here, I note my favourite restaurants in Paris that I have been fortunate to find and taste.  Of course, this map will grow over time as I visit again.  But, let you in on a little secret, the best source of information I have found so far, although not vegetarian focused, is Paris by Mouth.  It’s a locally curated blog that also lists neighbourhood favourites, chosen by real Parisians.

Mighty Good Eats in Paris

Exceptional vegetarian fare in Paris, France, hand picked by Momo for you! Descriptions are offered for each recommendation, with price range and a few key words. Momo will include tips that can help elevate your experience, like if a restaurant accepts cash only.

Yellow flags – vegetarian restaurant
Green flags – vegan restaurant
Blue flags – carnivore friendly
Purple flags – want to try

$ = Casual
$$ = Fancy
$$$ = Exorbitant



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