Despite being the nation’s capital, Ottawa has been for the longest time  considered by many as a culturally under-developed town.  When I first moved here, I thought it was quaint – it’s no Toronto, but considering that I spent six years in Waterloo (Ontario), Ottawa was a huge step up.

Parliament Hill

Having lived here since 2009, I am proud to call O-Town my home.  Lately, it seems as if the city has been slowly waking up.  And without any discernible beginning, an ecosystem of artisan food producers have developed over the past few years.  City council is rethinking it’s embargo on street food, even!  *Edit – City council approved a handful of new and exciting street carts, invading the city in the Spring of 2013.

One by one, the markers for a sophisticated cultured city are being checked off – we even have an approved Light Rail Transit plan, with fancy renderings and everything.

Thanks to blogs like Apt613 and various Ottawa Foodie bloggers, it’s not hard to find a good recommendation.  What I find lacking, however, is a list of good recommendations for vegetarians in town.  Of course all those who live here know about the requisite Green Door, The Table, Perfection Satisfaction Promise, which can almost be considered the three staples of decent vegetarian food in Ottawa.

Supremely thin-crusted pizza at Tennessy Willems (Hintonburg)

But what about all those new restaurants popping up all over the place?  It’s not enough to know they exist; I want to know how they stack up when it comes to vegetarian fare!  I’m often left disappointed by highly rated restaurants serving something they just took the meat off of, without really thinking about what makes a good meal no matter your dietary preferences.

And that’s when a little voice in my head said, “fill your boots!”.  I’ve made it my mission to seek out the best places in Ottawa to have vegetarian food.  I’m talking about places that show the same dedication and care in preparing vegetarian food that is excellent in every way including being nutritionally balanced.

House vegan cheese plate from Cafe My House. You can order it on its own with a drink, or as a part of a (very affordable!) chef’s tasting menu.

You will find an ever growing list in the map below, and  I would love to hear from you – suggestions and recommendations are welcomed!

Mighty Good Eats in Ottawa

Exceptional vegetarian fare in O-Town, hand picked by Momo for you! Descriptions are offered for each recommendation, with price range and a few key words. Momo will include tips that can help elevate your experience, like if a restaurant accepts cash only.


$ Under $15 per person
$$ Under $30 per person
$$$ Up to $60 per person

(click here to access the map in full via Google)


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  1. This is incredibly helpful. Thank-you!!

  2. Thanks Jaclyn! I just updated the map!

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