If Ottawa is the sibling who enjoys reading the afternoon away at a coffee shop, watching the sun set by the beach, and then having dinner with a small group of friends in a gastropub and then getting to bed by 10pm, then Montreal is the sibling who sleeps in till 10, jogs to the bakery for breakfast, spends the day working on their startup, grabs a drink with a business partner, and then a quick sandwich somewhere, and then meeting up with more friends at a wine bar for dinner, and then going to a vernissage.

Reading on the Metro…

I have had a chance to explore Montreal over the last few years, because it is only a 2.5 hour bus ride away (enough to do a solid chunk of writing!) and because my partner is based there. Montreal is a true food and drink city – you can eat yourself to death if you’re not careful (but enjoy every bite there). I have found Montreal to be a great mix of (North) American hipsterism and European sensibilities. There is always something going on, and any kind of food that tickles your fancy in any price point.

However, it is a bit harder being vegetarian there, because people love pork in all its forms: bacon, sausage, pulled… you name it. I have actually enjoyed Montreal much more now that I have ventured back into the omnivore universe. But I digress.

Roasted cauliflower from Vin Papillon. Better than fried chicken. Yeah.

In the Montreal vegmap, I pull together the exceptional vegetarian/vegan fare that I have encountered over the past few years. I even include some of the ones that did not excite me so much, because hey, personal taste is subjective, right?



Mighty Good Eats in Montreal

Descriptions are offered for each recommendation, with price range and a few key words.

Posted September 2015

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