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HMC: Ratatouille Quiche

As you can probably tell, I love quiche.  It is the perfect blend of flaky, eggy, vegetable goodness, delivered in an easy-to-eat format.  Plus, quiches are infinitely adaptable as long as you have a basic stocked pantry of flour and butter to make a crust, and eggs and milk for the filling.  Don’t have a tart tin? Not a problem – I have made quiche in a variety of round cake pans, pie tins, and even spring-form pans!  What’s not to love?

This version of quiche takes on the French ratatouille, which traditionally is a mixture of vegetables stewed in tomato.  For this recipe, the vegetables are sliced and pan-seared separately, and arranged beautifully on a pre-baked pâte brisée before being covered in egg.

This quiche does take a bit longer to prepare, but the depth of taste you get with the extra effort is well worth it!

Ratatouille quiche housed in a spring-form pan

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