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HMC Day 23: Tofu Wontons & Meal Planning Freebies!

Number ONE thing that I’ve learned: Prep, prep, prep. Every weekend Adam and I head to the grocers down the street, or my personal fav: The Sweet Potato, and get all the groceries on the LIST. The LIST (it’s in CAPS because it’s UBER-important) has everything that we need on it so that 1) we don’t go over board and waste too much, and 2) we don’t miss anything and end up having to hit the grocery store again during the week. Continue reading


30 Minute Poor Man’s Corn Chowder

I am having a total soup kick these days, despite the fact that spring time is here.  I think it has to do with the fact that everybody else at work is sick.  I was at the grocery store and saw some imported corn and immediately thought of corn on the cob.  But I didn’t buy any on account that it wasn’t really the right time for corn.  So, I opted to combine my two cravings and make corn chowder with canned corn.

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Lazy Sunday Scrambled Tofu

Once in a while, I crave a big plate of scrambled tofu.  Last Sunday was such a day.  This recipe is easily adaptable, depending on what is in your fridge.  The only thing that is absolutely necessary, is of course, the tofu!

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