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Slapdash winner

You know those hellish winter Mondays, when you get home after a long day at work and it’s too cold to go out again to get groceries, and you’re really craving an elaborate comfort meal but it’s already way past dinner time?

Today was one of those days, but thanks to quick thinking and Rochon Garden’s CSA vegetable box, we were able to throw together a slapdash winner for dinner.

South meets Mid-East at delicious

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Hummus Without Garlic – Perfect Every Time

The aromatic smell of it roasting in the oven, the sharp and pungent taste of it smeared on a piece of freshly baked bread, the lingering aftertaste on your skin… ah garlic, how I miss thee.

Many people in this world cannot eat garlic.  And it’s not from disliking the taste, or are they vampires.  Allergies to garlic (and the allium family) do exist in varying severity.  On the allium allergy spectrum, I’d say I’m in the middle.  I wouldn’t keel over and die, but the few hours after consuming onion or garlic will be painful while my body tries its best to digest whatever I’ve eaten.

So with this unfortunate business, how am I to enjoy things like pesto and hummus?

Do it without the garlic, of course!  For the past few years, I’ve been whipping up this garlic-free hummus that isn’t lacking in taste or substance.  It’s perfect every time.

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Halva Cookies

These delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cookies are based on Alla Staroseletskaya’s Tahini Cookies, from her food blog, Cooking with Yiddishe Mama. Instead of using just sugar, I opted for the halva taste and used sugar and honey. I would not replace all of the sugar with honey because that would mess with the texture – I learned in the Cordon Bleu baking textbook that white sugar beat into creamed butter is what makes a cookie light and fluffy.  It works like this:  soft butter left out for a few hours can be whipped to a lighter shade of cream; at this point, beating in granulated sugar will create little air pockets in the butter, which is central to the architecture of a crumbly cookie. Continue reading