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HMC Day 19 (late post): Spinaquicha!

Another unexpected side effect of making everything at home is the lack of time to do other things like blogging!  Last Tuesday, I randomly wanted to make quiche.  I already had dinner, so it was 8pm and I would be making it for lunch the next day.  I scoured the internet for something quick, and ended up making my own version, using a tarte crust from David Lebovitz’s Tarte aux tomates (which I had for brunch last weekend, more on that later) and I got to utilize left over crumbled feta and shredded gruyere and parmesan mix from other meals.

This quiche is more spinach than egg, and to me, it’s more like a spanakopita in pie form.  That’s why I jokingly called it spinaquicha.

I ended up eating this for breakfast (with siracha), lunch (with salad) and dinner (with soup) over the next few days.

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