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HMC: Granola

Far from being an angry self-righteous granola-munching hippie, I do have to admit that I have become a regular muncher of granola.  Granola.   If I was so lucky to find one in the store that is nutritious, providing an adequate amount of protein and fibre balanced by minimum sugar, which also tastes good, without breaking the bank, I would buy it all up, no questions asked. 

But in my travels, and probably yours too, I have not found the holy grail of granolas.  If I had I wouldn’t be writing a recipe today but a product review instead.  Some store-bought granolas were too starchy, some too sweet, some with too many sunflower seeds, some were not crunchy enough, some turned to a sickly mush by the time I got in to work, and some were ridiculously expensive.  And all with not enough protein.  Take it from someone who has tried a lot of different brands, you are getting ripped off one way or another.

Finally, this month, with the impetus necessitated through the Home Made Challenge, I decided that it was time.  It was time to break from the shackles that Quaker, Kelloggs, Kashi, and Nature’s Path had placed on me.  I would venture into the world of granola making.  I would no longer be just any granola-muncher.  I would elevate myself, into a maker of granola.  Breaking through passive complacency as a consumer to take control of my destiny! 

Okay, okay.  That was a little heavy handed.  But after my first batch of granola turned out perfectly, thanks to Mollie Katzen (nutritionist and cookbook writer extraordinaire of Moosewood Kitchen fame), I proudly proclaimed to the stars that I, Momo Lambkin, would never, ever, buy granola from box again.  I felt that that bold statement needed a grand overture.

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HMC Day 13: Nut Meal and Baking

My weekend was packed full of baking and produce prepping! I’ve never really been a baker, so I was really interested to see how my goods would turn out!

The ONE major hurdle that I’ve had to overcome is finding time to prepare snacks for my work day. Bringing lunch to work has also been difficult, but around two o’clock every day I get the munchies! And before September if there was nothing in my backpack, I would head to the local coffee shop. Therefore, this past weekend I spent my time wisely and made my favourite granola, as well as two batches of yummy muffins! Continue reading