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Coconut Lime Blondies

Ironically, having a bunch of new food intolerances has given me a new resolve to cook more.  I’m excited to be back in the kitchen again, excited with trying out new ingredients, checking out new recipes.  It’s like doing the Home Made Challenge, but less stringent because I always have the option of eating out!

Everybody knows that I have a sweet tooth.  I’m not going to let these food intolerances stop me from satisfying my undying love for sweets – I am determined to find and develop desserts that will not knock me out.

Enter, coconut lime blondies.


Coconut lime blondies!

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Put the lime in the coconut… tart!

Before we went camping, we had planned, in hindsight, an extravagant menu of meals.  We ended up coming back with almost half of our food, some of which was even untouched.  The week following the trip involved using up the left-over produce and goods which was not very inspiring.  Until this song came on.  Go ahead.  Click it and press play.  It will get stuck in your head and then you will have to make a delicious coconut lime tart like I did!

Because this tart turned out so well, I decided to publish this one ahead of the promised tales from the campfire! It’s only one ingredient away from being vegan.  As it’s easily adaptable, I have included this in the vegan index.

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Mojito Amélie

With the exception of today’s much needed torrential downpour, the past week and weekend were filled with hot and heavy summer days.  Days that should always be spent at the beach or by the pool, with light lunches, cold drinks, and lots of sun screen.

Until recently, my choices for cold drinks were juice, cold water, or pop.  Not very inspiring or sophisticated, I know.  But when you don’t consume alcohol, there aren’t many choices – or so I thought.  For the longest time I was stuck with drinks that were too sweet when I was out at restaurants or at friends’ parties (and even my own get-togethers).  But not anymore!  That is because last weekend, my buddy Amélie introduced me to the world of mojitos unmarred by alcohol.

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