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Almond Chai Snickersnaps

Has it really been 8 months since the last recipe?  That behaviour is absolutely unacceptable!

To make it up to you, I will be posting recipes that I’ve been testing for the last few months, starting with my favourite over the holidays.  I made 3 batches of these and they were well received each time.

The first time I heard of Snickerdoodles was when I was really into the TV show Veronica Mars.  The plucky girl-next-door highschool detective baked a fresh batch of them for her best friend as a good luck gift, whose reaction piqued my interest.

What are these strangely named cookies?  What would they taste like?  I started by looking in bakeries; but alas, Snickerdoodles aren’t usually sold in stores.  Indeed, they seem to be this all-American wholesome bake-at-home treat, shy of those who don’t have the luck or wherewithal to try it without rolling up their sleeves.   Continue reading