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Favourite Brussel Sprouts

I never understood why people avoided brussel sprouts like they were the plague.  But then again, I have never had boiled brussel sprouts, which I hear is pretty horrendous.

Once in a while I get a huge craving for these light green globes so much like miniature whole cabbage.  I love their layered texture that you can bite into, there is nothing else quite like it… except for intricately layered Taiwanese pastry, or the flakiest French croissant.

If you haven’t been won over by this lovely vegetable, I urge you to try this method.  By braising halved brussel sprouts in a pan with butter, face down, the layers soak up the fat while the seared surface seals it in.  Finish off with balsamic vinegar, and you’re in heaven.  The hardest part of the whole process is cleaning and cutting the little buggers.

Before the balsamic vinegar is added.

Here’s how you can do it too:

Clean and cut your brussel sprouts in half, lengthwise (longitude, not latitude).

In a pan (doesn’t really matter if it’s stainless steel or non-stick), heat a few pats of butter.  Once the butter is melted, place the brussel sprouts cut-side down.  Sear them until half browned.

Add about a tablespoon of water and cover the pan with a lid.  Leave the sprouts on the heat to steam for a few minutes.

Lift the lid and let the rest of the liquid evaporate.  You can flip/toss the sprouts if you like.  When the pan is dry, toss in some balsamic vinegar (I recommend 1-2 tablespoons) and continue cooking for another minute or so.

If you are like me and love butter, add one or two more pats of butter into the pan and toss.  Serve sprinkled with sea salt.