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Trusty any-fruit squares

I have found the one.

Blueberry chai square

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HMC Day 1: Blueberry almond coffee cakes with praline topping

Day 1 of the Home Made Challenge went swimmingly!  Being a chocoholic of sorts, I made a bunch of reduced-sweetness and chocolate-adorned ginger molasses cookies from Isa Chandra’s Vegan with a Vengeance last night.  That is one of my favourite recipes – it takes very little time to whip up and if you’re like me (read: lazy), you can make them as drop cookies instead of going through rolling and prettifying.  Lunch was a parsnip and apple soup, an inspiration I got from Toronto’s Fresh restaurant.  Although my version tasted fine, it’s really nothing to write home about.

Blueberry almond muffins fresh out of the oven!

But what I wanted to tell you about today, is a blueberry almond muffin (mini-coffee-cake) with praline topping.  Even before the Home Made Challenge, I’ve been regularly baking up batches of muffins for breakfasts at work.  The muffins and other baked goods they sell at work are deplorable, and with only a little foresight, I could eat free and delicious muffins whenever I want.  The last dozen turned out perfectly.  Really, they are muffins, but their soft cakey texture and slightly tart taste could qualify it as coffee cake.

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