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Pumpkin Doughnut Bites

Nothing says autumn like something made with pumpkin and apple. On the first day of the 2014 edition of Home Made Challenge, which coincides with October Unprocessed, in two separate conversations the topic of doughnuts came up.  And whenever doughnuts peek into the cluttered confines of my mind they tend to grow roots and stay in my mind until I have satisfied my craving.

Two-bite pumpkin doughnuts filled with homemade applesauce. Totally vegan.

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Trusty any-fruit squares

I have found the one.

Blueberry chai square

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HMC: Apple Danish Galette

A lot of the time when I make a tart or a pie using pâte brisée, I get left over dough.  I don’t know how common that is, but I tend to roll my dough quite thin.  There are a number of things that you can do with the stuff, like making pets de soeur (nun’s farts… gotta love the Acadians), hand pies, mini pies, and galettes.

Since it’s apple season, after the crust to last week’s Ratatouille Quiche was done pre-baking, I decided to roll out the left over dough, throw some sliced apples in, sprinkle with a bit of sugar, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts.  But it looked kind of naked; I was in the mood for something with more substance.  Popping my head in the fridge, I realized that I could put a dollop or two of plain yogurt on top of the apples, to make something akin to a danish!

I was glad that I did.  The result was an apple galette that was substantial as an afternoon snack, which could be served as a light dessert too.  I know, I know, this isn’t revolutionary, but this was so easy that I needed to tell you all about it!

It’s amazing what things you can make with left-overs and pantry basics, and the Challenge is providing opportunity for me to experiment and create!