If you’re like me (a Toronto ex-pat with loved ones left behind), you may find yourself last-minute googling for delivery options like when you forget someone’s birthday or when you hit the “what do you mean it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow” moment.

Have no fear, fellow ex-Toronto friends.  Over the past five years I’ve amassed an excellent list of local companies that deliver treats.  And I am risking my loved ones finding out my secret to share this list with you!

There are actually a good number of companies and local bakeries that deliver delicious things like cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, pretzels… you name it, they deliver it.  However.  Not all of them are excellent for a variety of reasons (cost, lack of originality, taste) but you won’t find those sub-par places here! No siree!

Here is the list, with links to their website and some notes from yours truly!  Are they ordered in any particular order?  Yes.  Loosely speaking, going from my favourites at the top, which are also locally owned, going down to larger companies that are super convenient but less “special” in that one-of-a-kind feel.

Momo’s list of the most excellent delivery of sweets in Toronto

1. Eat My Words Beautiful and gourmet cupcakes for a good cause

Eat My Words is by far my favourite company to order from.  EMW is a not-for-profit outfit run by a South African woman by the name of Jeanne Grierson.  In a nutshell, EMW bakes delicious and delightful cakes, cupcakes and brownies and delivers them packaged beautifully in the GTA.  The best part is that their proceeds support the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  There are a range of choices depending on your budget, but you always have to order far in advance, especially around holidays and special days like Mother’s Day.

Do take note that they do not do same-day orders, and it is worth the effort to plan ahead.  Friends and family that I’ve sent cupcakes to are always impressed by their quality and presentation.  My favourite is the Lola Mini Cupcakes (12 mini cupcakes in a hatbox, $33).  They also cater for weddings and events!  Their online order form is actually an email – you’ll still have to call or email them to sort out the payment.

2. Sweet Flour Bake Shop Delicious cookies baked fresh, same day delivery

I found this company by google-searching “Toronto delivery cookie”.  They had great reviews on Yelp.  Mom and her large group of lady-friends all enjoyed these chewy cookies, if a tad on the sweet side for her.  The unique thing about Sweet Flour is that you can customize your cookies!  Fun for you, and fun for the receiver!

3. Bunner’s Vegan and gluten free bakery with the lowest delivery fee ($12)

I called several gluten free bakeries to find out about their delivery fees and one of them (that shall remain unnamed) asked for $60, just for the delivery!! That’s more than the cost of the cupcakes that I wanted to send!!  Bunners come with excellent street cred, just check Yelp or Urban Spoon.  If I lived in Toronto I would definitely go there.  Mom review pending.

4. Cookie Friday Co. Small batch – hand made – hipster flavours

Don’t remember how I stumbled upon this, it might have been in a Toronto e-magazine or something like that.  They have only four flavours, but boy are these flavours cool!  Go for the S’more and the PBJ cookies – they are chewy and bring back memories of childhood.  Mom says they were too sweet (I think I should stop getting her cookies) and the packaging was as pretty or gift-like as the other companies listed above.  The neat thing about this is it’s a $20 flat rate for a dozen including delivery!

5. Cookiegrams Giant cookie with a message, same day delivery

Who doesn’t love a giant cookie message? Their giant cookies come in round, heart, star, and teddy bear shapes, delivered in a white pizza box.  The cookie itself is standard chocolate chip, nothing fancy, but with the cookiegram it’s really the ridiculousness that you’re going for.  Around $30 a pop, depending on the size and shape, you can also choose to add other things like brownies or chocolates to go with it.  The company also makes cookie bouquets, but again, I think giant cookie shaped like a bear trumps cookie bouquet.  They do same day delivery in the GTA, and take orders online or through the phone.  I would recommend calling them for same-day orders.

6. Edible Arrangements Chocolate-dipped fruit bouquets, same day delivery

This is a huge chain with more than one location in the GTA, and has branches all over the world.  So if you have relatives or loved ones overseas Edible Arrangements is an option!  They even have locations in Hong Kong.  Their website is pretty fancy, but there is almost too much choice.  However, there is a high level of customization – you can start out with your price range and fruit preferences, and then add special fruits if they’re not already in your selected option.  The fruit is skewered on sticks, some of them dipped in chocolate, and then arranged in a foam block placed inside of a vase.  They have many vases to choose from, for any and all occasions.  Edible Arrangements is an excellent option for when you’re in a pinch (like if you forgot it was your sister’s birthday); you don’t even have to pick up the phone.  High wow-factor!


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