Home Made Challenge

Starting in 2011, Ms. Momo, Ms. Drew, and their friends are challenging themselves to make everything they eat each September.  This means no restaurants, no cafes, and no processed or purchase of ready-to-eat foods.

Summer brings a plethora of food adventures – outdoor patios, courtyard cafes, farmer’s markets, street fare.  Plus, with the heat and the longer days, slaving away in the kitchen with the range and oven on doesn’t seem like the best use of time; Ms. Momo would rather be swimming at the lake in Gatineau Park!

With the inevitable transition into Autumn, also known as harvest season, we needed to reign ourselves in.  Autumn means lots of seasonal vegetables fresh from local farms, the likes of which we won’t see again for at least four months with the onset of Winter.  There is no better time to get back into the kitchen!

The Rules:

  • Every meal must be home made; this includes breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, snacks, dinner, after dinner snacks.
  • No purchases of processed, prepared, or ready-to-eat foods; e.g., veggie burger patties, vegetable broth, chips, cake, cookies, jar-salsa, prepared pizza dough…etc.


  • Not everyone has access to an expresso machine, and it’s not the intention of this challenge to keep us at home; coffee, lattes, prepared beverages (not from bottle or can) are allowed.
  • Work functions which occur in restaurants are allowed.
  • Family functions which occur in restaurants that were planned before September are allowed.
  • The purchase of bread (in any form) is allowed.

After the conclusion of each year’s Challenge, we will collect all of our stories on one page for easy reference!


If you would like to take up the Challenge too, let us know by dropping a line in the comments!  We would love to hear what you learned, what you found difficult and how you got through, and of course, what you ate!


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