Mighty Good Eats started as the creation of two friends – Ms. Drew in Toronto and Ms. Momo in Ottawa – who bridged the distance online to share their delicious food ideas, restaurant reviews, travel tips and tested recipes on all things vegetarian and vegan.  We try to write in when we can and we’re so glad you are visiting!

95% of the photos you see on this blog are taken by Ms. Momo and Ms. Drew using a variety of implements, like a run-of-the-mill point and shoot camera, or our smart phones.  Photos by others are credited where they appear!

In 2011, we have started an annual Challenge to eat-in throughout the month of September.  You can read more about it on the Challenge page, and perhaps take up the Challenge yourself!

In 2012, we added VegMaps, a collection of restaurants in our favourite cities that serve up excellent and well balanced vegetarian meals that won’t leave you wishing you stayed home instead.

In 2013, Ms. Drew and Ms. Momo led extremely busy lives and took a break from blogging, but we updated the website to contain more varitety of posts, and an index of recipes.

This year, Ms. Momo is adding a new dimension to her cooking to explore more vegan and healthy options that are easy to make to accommodate for working full time and being a Master’s student!

About Ms. Momo:

Momo Lambkin became vegetarian in the summer of 2003, and recently became a fence-sitting vegan due to a number of food intolerances.  Momo is thankful that gluten is still on the list!  Blogging on Mighty Good Eats has allowed Momo to combine her two passions: writing and cooking.


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