Homemade Nutella

Does one need an excuse to make homemade nutella?

For some people, Nutella brings forth childhood memories of afternoons spent in front of the television, with a freshly made Nutella and Wonder Bread sandwich.  You always cut the crusts off and so you could pretend that it was birthday cake.

Some people call this a poor man’s cake, a name also used for sandwiches like white bread with cream cheese and jam.  I think any child with half an imagination and shoddy math skills (like me) can still understand the equation of bread + sweet spread = almost cake.

When we were kids, my brother and I ate our version, using toast and sweetened condensed milk, a colonial Hong Kong favourite.  After moving to Canada, even condensed milk was a luxury so we switched to margarine and sugar.  It wasn’t until we were both much older and moved out that we discovered Nutella.

What do you mean, you can make a chocolate hazelnut sandwich that tasted like a Ferrero Rocher cake?!?!  Thank you, Mr. Ferrero.

There’s never too much hazelnut.

The version that I made tonight is vegan, minimalistic, and all-round delicious, inspired by my friend Amelie and yoinked from Brown Eyed Baker.

Here are the things that I did differently:

  • Left the hazelnut skins on,
  • Used a total of 5 tbsps of hazelnut oil (instead of 2),
  • Used about 3 pinches of sea salt instead of 1, and
  • 1/2 cup of cocoa instead of 1/3

Be patient and let the machine do the work.  It is the heat from the turning blades that helps the nuts release their oil.

Recipe as told to me by Amelie.


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