Slapdash winner

You know those hellish winter Mondays, when you get home after a long day at work and it’s too cold to go out again to get groceries, and you’re really craving an elaborate comfort meal but it’s already way past dinner time?

Today was one of those days, but thanks to quick thinking and Rochon Garden’s CSA vegetable box, we were able to throw together a slapdash winner for dinner.

South meets Mid-East at delicious

I was craving a stew, or a hearty soup, something to stave off the horrible cold that’s taken over Ottawa.  But I didn’t have the time or the energy to make something elaborate.  It was like a particularly hard skill-testing question to try to come up with something cohesive involving beans, a tonne of different types of grains, heirloom tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, and pitas.

To solve this problem, it had to be broken down. First, the can of beans.  We had everything to make refried beans.  Check.  We had rice.  Check.  We could make salsa (without cilantro, but still salsa). Check.  So we had everything to make tacos?  Nope – no tortillas.  But wait! We had pitas.  Piiiiiiiiiiitas!

And so we decided to give it a shot. And the result was amazing.

This was a love child. A perfect love child.

This is how we did it:

1. Refried beans

In a pan, dice and slow cook half a sweet onion with cumin and crushed coriander seeds in olive oil, and add red kidney beans with diced garlic.  Add a bit of water once the beans get soft, and mash the beans.  Keep on the stove with the lid on.

2. Fragrant rice

In a rice cooker (or in a pot) cook some rice with sticks of cinnamon, curry leaves, crushed coriander and cumin seeds, and cardamom.  If you have saffron, dissolve it in some hot water once the rice is done and add it to the rice.

3. Salsa

Dice up 3 heirloom tomatoes and half a jalapeño pepper without seeds, add the juice of half a lime, and salt to taste.  If you have cilantro, add a bunch, diced.

4. Tahini sauce

A few tablespoons of tahini, thin it with water and lemon juice, add salt and sesame oil to taste.

Wrap all of these things in a bit of pita, and you’re set for a taste adventure that you’ve never tasted before!  If you have all of these ingredients in your kitchen, try this for dinner!!

Fragrant jasmine rice


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