Home Made Challenge – Week 1 Recap

This year’s Home Made Challenge follows on the heels of a particularly gruelling three weeks away from home – two of which was spent in a remote location with little access to real food.  I came back to an empty fridge, feeling like I’ve completely lost my food literacy.

Eerily beautiful and isolated campus at Royal Roads University – it is right on the ocean.

The first few days of November -after a debauched weekend in Montreal eating tonnes of real Chinese food- I went back to comfort food when I had to cook for myself. For me, it’s noodles with vegetables and an egg with a runny yolk.  I grew up eating versions of this simple combination of starch-vegetable-egg topped with sesame oil and soy sauce – we would have it on white rice or on noodles.  My favourite was Chinese broccoli and fried egg on rice.

Ultimate comfort: ramen noodles topped with teriyaki stir fried vegetables and a soft-boiled egg.

Cooking and eating this dish helped me reintegrate back into normal life that involved cooking my own food and packing lunch.  (Admission: I hadn’t packed a lunch since the summer..)  Over the past week, I’ve made pita chips, quinoa brownies, tonnes of noodles and pasta, zucchini  fritters and even a Thai curry.  All delicious, all super easy to make.  I do get the random craving to just go and buy some ready-to-eat food though.

Tonight, when I tire of working on my essay, I plan on making some sunbutter cookies.  Because it snowed for the first time today.  (But do I really need an excuse to bake?)

Week 1 recap


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