2013 has come and gone – this year has been wild.  WILD, I tell you.  In that I started a new job, started my Master’s, and travelled to many parts of the world!  That’s why I haven’t been updating Mighty Good Eats, to my sadness.

But, I am starting to hit a rhythm with school and work (finally) and I get a few months where I don’t get to travel!  So, here I am again!

Mighty Good Eats has seen many changes over the years, from having two authors, to one, from only being a recipe depository, to a full blog with resources.  I am proud of the little blog that could, and I’m proud to be challenging myself to get back into it again!

First, November this year will be Home Made Challenge month.  Let’s see how I fare this time – I will be trying more quinoa recipes, more vegan recipes, and more meal planning!

Secondly, I will be focusing on fast, nutritious, and single-serving meals, because my household will be, for a significant period of time, of one.  Even my cat is on vacation!

Off I go, to make my first meal of November – chai oatmeal.


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