Sadness Brownies vs Happiness Macarons

These last few months have been a drag, when it comes to food and general well being.  There was the darkness.  The cold.  The insane hours at work.  The work-travel.  Did I mention the darkness and the cold?

Forlorn statues in the University of Ottawa courtyard

Ottawa was stuck in a never-ending winter, and I was stuck in a rut.  Again.  It got so bad that I wasn’t even cooking anymore.  Aspiring webcomic artist Abby Howard hailing from Montreal captured exactly what I was going through, in this comic: Sadness Brownies.

Time passes inevitably, and eventually, spring came.  This week.  And with spring, comes a general sense of renewal, and some sort of strange… empowerment.  I dug out my juicer that had been in storage for a year, and my Juice for Life book by Ruth Tal Brown of Toronto’s Fresh Restaurant.  It’s amazing what a difference sunlight and vitamins make in ones’ life!

Slowly but surely, I woke from my winter slump.  As a first step towards reintegration into the kitchen, I decided to tackle head-on something I’ve been fearing for a long time: the mighty MACARON.

In the middle of a Gatineau suburb, I trudged on a Saturday afternoon to a cooking school run by a kooky-but-down-to-earth French man.  I felt good, for the first time in a long time.  And it helped that at the end of the class we got to take home a whole box (2 batches!) of macaron.  If that didn’t cheer me up, I don’t know what will.

Since Saturday I have made 3 more batches of macaron and I am still not sick of them.  Ladies and gentlemen, Momo’s back!



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