HMC: Long Weekend in Toronto

The September long weekend went by in a flurry of cooking activity.  As with last year, I spent the weekend with family and friends in Toronto, so I was forced to bend the rules a little.

Saturday, September 1st was mostly spent on the road, which, thanks to a little foresight and a little planning, was fuelled by a copious amount of quinoa tabbouleh, and fruit with cheese and crackers.  We were quite happy with how we started the month, until we actually got to Toronto.

The Beaches branch of the Toronto Public Library is magical.

We had made plans to meet up with a friend Saturday night, which would involve a restaurant.  We were in the Beaches area, which I had never had the pleasure of visiting of all the years I lived in Toronto.  It is amazing.   My friend commended us on starting the first day of our challenge dining out, albeit at a quaint little Indian restaurant called Cinamon Indian Bistro.  To my defense they make their naan in house.  So there!

Then, we walked a good half an hour over to Ed’s Real Scoop for ice cream.  Ice cream that is made in house.  Their burnt marshmallow was good, but not as good as the one I remember from Greg’s Ice Cream (also in Toronto), back when they only had one location.

The moon rising over Lake Ontario as seen from the Beaches.

In the next 24 hours there were dumplings and dim sum, requisites of each visit home to see my family.  The dumplings and accompanying noodles from Ding Tai Fung were indeed made in house, which is why the restaurant is packed inside and out; there is always a crowd spilling out of their tiny entrance, waiting eagerly for seats.  And also why blogTO rated them among the best places to get dumplings in Toronto.

Two salads, enough for 10 meal-sized servings each.

Then finally, Sunday afternoon was reserved for cooking.  My brother, my partner, and I slaved away in the kitchen to make a feast enough for 15 even though we were only 9.  We made a quinoa salad with pan roasted corn seasoned with black truffle, a Thai sesame noodle dish inspired by Smitten Kitchen (who else!), two quiches (one of which I will be posting about), among others.  It was insanely hard work.

On the way home to Ottawa we munched on left-overs and fruit, much like our trip in!

Mr. Kbob hard at work.


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