Home Made Challenge… 5 days to go!

Its not yet September and I am already starting to think about what I am going to try to learn this year.  To me, Home Made Challenge is all about learning.  Last year, the Challenge tested my limits and I learned to be more efficient with produce.  I ended up with less waste and more deliciousness.  I also learned the hard way that bread was something better left to professionals. 

As Im looking forward to the start of September, Im also preparing myself mentally for the challenge of creating healthy and balanced meals.  Especially for breakfast.  For the last six months or so Ive been eating granola with fruit and yogurt, and Ill see September as a way to challenge myself to make my own granola!

Another thing I’m going to take on, is more variety of protein.  It’s getting tiresome to eat the same old tofu and the same old beans.  So, this year, home made falafel!

Im very much looking forward to this years Challenge, and I hope you will stick around to see how it pans out!

Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Home Made Challenge… 5 days to go!

  1. are you going to make your own yogurt too? i’ve been meaning to try that again for a while now… the last go i had 3 years ago failed because it didn’t stay warm enough overnight.

  2. Yogurt scares me – my parents tried making their own yogurt long ago and I’ve never had the interest to try it on my own. So many things could go wrong, and so I will leave that (and bread making) for when I can take a class on it!! If you make yogurt this year, let me know!

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