Moving Woes

I used to be good at moving.  For one reason or another I would relocate every four months or so.  It used to be travel.  Then it was school and co-op.  Then it was moving to a new city for a new job and figuring out the hard way where I wanted to live. But once I found my place in Centretown, I stayed put for two years.  Two years without a move is a record for me!

Then I saw that a larger unit down the hall was available, and I jumped on it.  Theoretically I still remembered my streamlined way of moving, I had a lot of active remembering to do.  But now I’m getting off topic. I am not going to regale you with the story of my move which actually went quite well – I should actually be talking about food!

I am mentioning my recent move is because it was the reason I missed last week’s post!  I had every intention of keeping to my schedule, but as they say, all good plans… I did not have an internet connection for two weeks!!

But hey! It’s Sunday, and guess what?  I am here, and I am typing!

For the next little while, I will be working on restocking my fridge and arranging my kitchen, and so dear readers, you can expect more posts about food in Ottawa.

Ottawa Thing #1: Pizza

Everybody eats pizza when they move. Pizza and moving belong together like cream and soda.  And my favourite pizza in Centretown is not Colonnade (which everybody else says is the best) but Bread and Sons.  Bread and Sons just so happens to also be my favourite bakery in Centretown.  Located on Bank St. at Gloucester,  the window is always lined with beautifully and enticing goods like croissants, hazelnut chocolate cookies, pumpkin muffins (and other varieties), turnovers, and elephant ears.  During the week at lunch, on Friday and Saturday nights, they also serve pizza.  This pizza, let me tell you, is incredible.  Ultra thin crust, fresh tomato sauce, local produce like arugula, fresh mozzarella, sweet potato… The sky’s the limit.  The difference though, between B&S is you don’t have to stand there slack-jawed, trying to decide what you wanted on your pizza.  The 6-plus types of pizza is served on two, three-tiered pizza stands, fresh out of the oven and always refilled (unless you arrive after 1:30pm which will leave you disappointed).  For $4 you get a large slice of gourmet heaven that leaves you feeling great.  Other pizzas in the area don’t even come close.

Read about B&S’s story over at Apt613!


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