Childhood: Regained!

This week, I overindulged in vegan rice krispy squares after only having them once in 9 years.  It was a great week.  I don’t know why I waited so long to make them, after discovering last summer that the store just down the street carried vegan marshmallows.  The only thing I need to say about the process of making vegan rice krispy squares is that vegan marshmallows melt slowly, and so to avoid creating a hard burnt mess (ahem) you will need to use very low heat when adding the marshmallows into the melted vegan butter.  Consider yourselves warned!  The recipe is usually on the Kellog’s box itself, or you can find it from the Sweet and Sara website.

In Downtown Ottawa, Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows can be purchased for certain from Herb and Spice on Bank St.   Look in the fridge just above the chicken samosas.  I am not sure if Market Organics in the Byward Market has it (last I checked, which admittedly was a year ago, they did not carry it).

In Toronto, I know for sure you can get it from Panacea.


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