Product Review: Fudge Covered Ritz

I don’t know if it was my crippling curiosity or my debilitating hunger that told me I should, nay, must, try this new, “limited edition” store bought biscuit.  Hmm.  Now that I think of it, it might have been that yellow “limited edition” label that attracted me.  Yes.  Lets say it was that.  And science.  And childhood memories of my father putting Kraft cheese slices on everything.  Including PBJ sammiches.  Yes.

If you’re observant you’ll notice that there are 4 missing.

What I expected these to taste like was quite close to the actual thing.  I imagined the combination of chocolate and salted butter biscuits would taste kind of like chocolate covered pretzels (which I love), but with a lighter, flakier texture.  I wondered if it would be cheesy and was relieved to find that it was not.  But I can’t help but wonder how a chocolate-covered cheesy Ritz of the sandwich variety would taste.  *cue ominous organ chord*  Ahem.

The “chocolate” taste was actually well balanced by the salt level – maybe the overlords of ready-made-and-boxed-food-items are catching on to the salt+chocolate=good trend.


With that said, the quality of the “chocolate” fudge was not great, but then I have to give them credit for not calling it chocolate.  It wasn’t terrible though, and didn’t make me think I was eating plastic, so at least there was that.  At 120 calories per 3 crackers, it won’t tip the boat (if you have good self control).  Don’t look here for protein though, because there is only one gram per serving.

I don’t think Mr. Christie can count me in as a repeat customer – if I ever get a hankering for chocolate covered biscuits I’ll buy the biscuits naked and then dip them in better quality chocolate or… try to make smores with them.

Now there’s an idea.


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