HMC Day 13: Nut Meal and Baking

My weekend was packed full of baking and produce prepping! I’ve never really been a baker, so I was really interested to see how my goods would turn out!

The ONE major hurdle that I’ve had to overcome is finding time to prepare snacks for my work day. Bringing lunch to work has also been difficult, but around two o’clock every day I get the munchies! And before September if there was nothing in my backpack, I would head to the local coffee shop. Therefore, this past weekend I spent my time wisely and made my favourite granola, as well as two batches of yummy muffins!

The first batch were blueberry muffins, and the second batch sweetpotato and strawberry. Both of the muffins had the same base which included brown rice flour and buckwheat flour (which I had never cooked with before), and almond meal. Unfortunately that was the one ingredient I forgot to get! But I did have a big bag of whole almonds at home – because I use it to make almond milk to sooth my strawberry milkshake addition – so I went straight to the internet to see if I could make these muffins a reality. Luckily Almond meal, or any kind of nut meal for that matter is super easy to make. All it takes is the NUTS!

Just grind them (with skins)… I used my trusty Magic Bullet, making sure to shake it every so often to move the nuts around, as well as being careful not to over grind the nuts or I’d end up with a whole lot of nut butter!

Then I poured the ground nuts into a flour sifter and sifted!

I kept repeating this step until I had almond meal!

And that’s it! SO easy! I was able to make my yummy muffins which, did I mention, have NO sugar, and are completely gluten free! I highly recommend these babies, I couldn’t believe how yummy they were.

Once I finished munching on a muffin hot out of the oven (which looks NOTHING like Meghan Telpner’s but still delicious nonetheless), I let them cool, wrapped them individually and then put them in the freezer so that their fresh whenever I take one to work.

Done! Snacks for the next two weeks!


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