Celery Butter Spread

Suffer from garlic bread breath no more!

Knowing that I abhor garlic like any garden variety vampire, a friend of mine from university introduced me to celery bread.  It was a southern Ontario specialty, only found in small town mom-and-pop diners.  Celery bread is not bread made of celery, nay, it is much more exciting.  The first time I tried celery bread in a Simcoe roadside diner, it was a thick  slice of white bread (think 2-inches), with its crust removed, pan toasted, soaked in butter and coated with a light dusting of celery seed.  It is like garlic bread, but without the the garl-ick factor.

This spread is super easy to make and goes well on any kind of bread as long as it is toasted.  I like it on a warm French loaf.


  • Half a stick of unsalted butter at room temperature (1/4 cup)
  • 1 tsp of celery seed
  • Pinch of ground sea salt

Just whip the celery seed and sea salt into the butter with a fork, break out the bread, and enjoy!  Makes 1/4 cup, which lasted for a full 20 inch French baguette.


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